ALL Classes & AST Prep

These resources will be useful for all subjects.

Listening to these podcasts will help you prepare for the AST and learn more about the world.

  • The Minefield: Warning!  This is ‘hard’ listening, but stick with it even if you hate it at first.  These two guys are super smart and insightful.  This is what deep thinking sounds like!
  • Big Ideas: 1 hour of the best of talks/debates/festivals casting light on major social, cultural, scientific and political issues.
  • Cautionary Tales:  True stories about mistakes and what we should learn from them.
  • Download This Show: A weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology.
  • The Health Report: Examines health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
  • The Money:  Looks at Australia and the world through an economic lens. It explores how economics influences everything else.