LTC Library: code of conduct

Student code of conduct

On entry to the LTC Library, you will understand, accept and abide by the following points as part of the overall LTC Student Code of Conduct:

  • The LTC Library is a place of study and quiet group work.  Please use the student common room for eating and noisy social activities.
  • Please finish your food and drink before entering the LTC Library.  Only water is permitted.
  • Students must produce their school ID card if requested.
  • Students are to only use LTC Library computers during college hours.
  • Noise levels are to be kept to an acceptable level, in consideration of public library patrons.
LTC Student Rights LTC Student Responsibilities
You have the right be treated with respect and politeness.

  • If you believe you have been unfairly treated you should first discuss the issue with the relevant member of staff.
You have a responsibility to:

  • Speak politely to fellow students, library staff and the public
  • Respect the authority of both LTC staff and public library staff.
  • Abide by the College IT agreement when you use the school computers
  • You have the right to have a pleasant, clean, well-resourced and well-maintained library.
  • You have a responsibility to take care of the building, furniture and all library resources.

Consequences for non-compliance with Code of Conduct

  • Any action taken by the staff/school is determined by the severity of the issue.
  • If a member of staff believes there has been a serious breach of conduct, the issue will be brought to the attention of the student and a warning given.
  • The student will be advised that the issue will be documented and forwarded to the relevant Executive Teacher.
  • For serious breaches, students will be refused access to the library facilities during college hours (for a negotiated period).