Science, P.E., & Home sciences

Remember. . . We have heaps of extra textbooks to borrow.

Different textbooks explain things in different ways.  This is useful for many students.

All Sciences
  • Khan Academy – Free online courses about many scientific disciplines.
  • – A ‘deep-web’ search engine about medical sciences.
  • New Scientist – Magazine format, range of topics.
  • Oxford Academic Open Access Journals – thousands of free, full text articles.
  • – A ‘deep-web’ search engine of 300+ science and technology collections.  Click on ‘Advanced Search’ to search by subject area.
  • What if? – An interesting dive into odd and curious questions about the world.
  • First Nations (Australian Museum) – An extensive collection of First Nations realia, information and cultural material. Writers from First Nations offer their interpretations on a number of subjects.  Useful for Aboriginal practices related to care of land.
Earth & Environmental Science
Electricity & Electronics
  • Open Culture – 10+ textbooks about electrical engineering.
Exercise Science
  • Excellent flight textbooks for loan in the LTC Library Help Desk.
  • Open Textbook Library – First three textbooks in this list are useful.
  • Chemistry of Cooking – Online textbook.
  • Textbooks about food are for loan in the Multimedia Room.
Senior Science: Animal
Sports Development & Sports Studies