Can I Trust this Website?

Option #1:

This rubric will help you assess how trustworthy (credible) a website is.  Download the PDF here.

Global Digital Citizen Foundation. (2017). Gauging website credibility rubric. Retrieved from





















Option #2:

The Get REAL Test = Simple.  Usually gets the job done.  Download the PDF here.

Read the URL

Examine the Content

Ask about the Author

Look at the Links

Option #3:

The CRAAP Test = More detailed.  Good for very tricky or more complicated sites.  Download the PDF here.

Currency – the timeliness of the info

Relevance – the importance of the info for your needs

Authority- the source of the info

Accuracy – the reliability, truthfulness, correctness of the info

Purpose – the reason the info exists

Also Useful:

Is your info peer-reviewed and “scholarly” or is it “grey” literature (like a trade journal)?

Garofalo, J. (2013). Identifying scholarly articles. Retrieved from