Assignment verbs

Knowing what the verbs in your assignment actually mean will help you to do it!

Verb Means . . .
Analyse Consider in detail for the purpose of finding meaning or relationships, and identifying patterns, similarities and differences; To examine the whole to find out its parts and the relationships of those parts

NOTE: Critical Analysis is subjective writing because it expresses the writer’s opinion or evaluation of a text

Argue Give reasons for or against something
Communicate To transmit information so that it is satisfactorily understood
Compare Estimate, measure or note how things are similar or dissimilar
Contrast Compare in such a way as to emphasise differences
Define       To determine the essential qualities of; to set forth the meaning of; to fix or mark the limits of
Describe Give an account of characteristics or features
Discuss Talk or write about a topic, taking into account different issues or ideas
Evaluate Examine or judge the merit or significance of something
Examine Determine the nature or condition of
Explain       Provide additional information that demonstrates understanding of reasoning and/or application; To make plain or understandable
Identify To show the identity or individuality of
Interpret Draw meaning from
Investigate Plan, inquire into and draw conclusions about
Justify Show how an argument or conclusion is just, right or reasonable
Outline To indicate the main features or parts of
Sequence Arrange in order
Summarise Give a brief statement of the main points
Synthesise Combine elements (information/ideas/components) into a coherent whole
Note: Some of these definitions were taken from the BSSS website and some were modified from Britannica for Teens