Referencing your work is one of the most important skills you will learn at LTC.  This page will provide you with guides and tutorials to assist you with this process.

Still unsure?  Please come and see one of the friendly teacher librarians in the LTC Library.  Our desk is located just inside the College entrance to the Library.


APA Citation Style: University of Western Australia Library: Use this handy guide, created by UWA librarians, to guide you in creating APA style citations.

APA Referencing handout- May 2017: Created by LTC teacher librarians, this quick guide will provide you with APA referencing information at a glance with examples.


Chicago Citation Style (16A – notes/bibliography): Monash University Library:  Use this handy step by step guide, created by Monash University librarians, to guide you in creating Chicago style footnotes and citations.

Chicago Quick Guide: Monash University (August 2016)Created by Monash University librarians, this quick guide will provide you with Chicago referencing information at a glance with examples.

Print these handy posters (listed below) to assist you with step by step visual examples

Chicago Referencing: BOOK

Chicago Referencing: JOURNAL ARTICLE

Chicago Referencing: WEBSITE