Keys to Success

Keys to Success: R Unit

The Keys to Success program is delivered by LTC’s teacher librarians Wednesdays 12-1pm in College Connect time. Hone your key academic skills right from the start of your time at LTC!

The 11 sessions (delivered through a mix of face to face and online/independent instruction) are spread out over a term and provide you with the key skills required to achieve your best outcomes while studying.

Session content includes:

Tackling AssignmentsHints and tips to help you get started on your assessment tasks in the best way possible.
Referencing: In-text and end-text, models used at LTC
Taking and making notes: Effective strategies to improve your marks
Smart Search Strategies: Use search engines and databases like a professional.
Evaluating websites: How to discern between useful and ‘dodgy’ content
Digital Footprint/Cybersafety/Creative CommonsWhat does your digital profile say about you?  How do you keep yourself safe online?  Do you know how to correctly use images you find online?
 Media literacyBe savvy about the information you access in the media and online!

Student feedback, “Keys to Success”:

 “Not only does it teach you skills for school, but it teaches you skills for life. “

Mum made me come to the first session but it was actually quite helpful…other sessions have helped with my work despite the fact that I knew a lot about the content covered.

How do I enrol?

Sessions are held in the LTC Library, Upstairs Seminar Room.