Create References

LTC Library subscribes to this Reference Generating Tool for making APA references. 

How it Works:

  1. CLICK HERE for the password to access the Online Reference Generator.
  2. Go to the SLASA Online Reference Generator
  3. In the right hand corner, choose Sign In and enter the password provided by LTC Library staff.
  4. Select Senior Bibliography
  5. Select the type of thing you are referencing (e.g. ebook with author or website with PDF)
  6. Fill in ALL the fields.  Remember:
    • If you type the wrong info IN, the wrong info will come OUT!
    • Come find a Teacher Librarian if you need help!
  7. Click Create Citation
  8. Copy and paste your reference into your bibliography or the top of your notes for that document.

Need to make Chicago References?  You can:

  • Make them from scratch.  It’s not hard!
  • Use a free reference generator like ZoteroBib.  But, always check the final result from these generators against our Referencing guide.